Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove

BioFlame clean cook stoves require minimum fuel and produce little emissions or smoke. These stoves are designed for both improved durability, & efficiency. Compare our superior quality to other brands of natural draft biomass stoves and come to your own conclusions. Our fiber insulation is superior to extruded clay combustion chambers, due to increased durability and significant reduction in stove weight. The cast iron cook top and rugged stainless steel stove body ensures durability and long life. In an emergency or for recreation, little time or fuel is required to bring a large volume of water to a boil for drinking, cooking a pot of food, or to sanitize your cookware.

Questions & Answers

What stove is right for me? In daily life, emergencies or disasters, the ability to pasteurize water to drink, cook, and sanitize cookware is important. Just twigs or any biomass yard scrub can be used for fuel! Our BioFlame Field is a fast, fun outdoor stove. It features a large rectangle combustion chamber rather than a typical round clay chamber, making uniform fuel insertion possible. Combustion is more complete with both primary & secondary air (new rocket stove patented design), not found in any other rocket stove design. Our BioFlame Indoor Chimney stove, & BioFlame Outdoor AC/DC stove models allows for indoor or outdoor use. They are both TLUD`s (top lit updraft stoves). Our TLUD's are highly efficient, fast cooking, and clean burning. All BioFlame Stoves represent technological innovations, incorporating both primary & secondary air. BioFlame`s future product offerings include a large variety of rocket stoves, fan stoves, and other quality biomass products.

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The BioFlame Indoor is a clean chimney cook stove for indoor or outdoor use. A natural draft TLUD g..
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